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James L. Blomeley, Jr. is a North Carolina-based family and estates attorney with 35 years of experience. Known for alleviating clients’ stress by providing them with precise answers to their questions, clear advice and effective solutions to their problems, Blomeley Law Firm skillfully manages even the toughest cases for a favorable result.

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You can expect attention, care and respect at our Cherokee County law firm
Known as a prepared, thorough and compassionate law practice, we provide personalized attention to our clients, as well as practical, cost-effective solutions to their legal problems. At Blomeley Law Firm, our goal is to respond to your legal needs quickly and resolve your cases favorably. Our law firm strives to give every client personal attention and compassionate legal service.

Consultation fees
We charge a consultation fee of $75.00, payable at the time of your visit.  If you decide to hire the firm to handle your legal matter the consultation fee that you paid will be credited against the fee we charge for the work we are doing for you.  We accept Visa and MasterCard.

A word about fees
We know that the hourly billing method traditionally used by lawyers is frustrating for clients.  With such an arrangement it is impossible to have any certainty about what your case may cost.  At Blomeley Law Firm, however, for many types of cases we can offer fixed fees to cover each aspect of the case.  This allows our clients to have some reassurance as to what the total cost of their case will likely amount to, and avoid the uncertainty that is often experienced with hourly billing.  In addition, if you choose to use unbundled services, the savings can be substantial as compared to traditional legal respresentation.
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Blomeley Law Firm serves clients in Murphy, Robbinsville, Hayesville and Franklin, and throughout Cherokee, Clay, Graham, and Macon Counties, in Southwestern North Carolina.  Unbundled services may be available to clients outside of this area.